AngularJS in Front-end Development

AngularJS is the most preferred framework for creating interactive components of a website. It was designed as a full-featured JavaScript framework to enhance simplicity and efficiency. Developers find AngularJS very effective especially in creating dynamic, single-page apps, and supporting MVC (Model View Controller) programming structure. As the business environments become highly competitive, AngularJS has emerged as the superhero because of its intuitiveness and rich features. The popularity of AngularJSIf you have not started using AngularJS, the chances are that you are missing a great profitable deal in the industry. Many developers are expressing their satisfaction with the framework. Today, AngularJS is one of the frameworks that do not make the Model View Controller look skewed, and together with NodeJS, it simply works great with both the technology understanding same notations. Some frameworks simply bundle together the existing tools which makes app development very difficult. However, AngularJS was carefully engineered to ensure that every tool works optimally and delivers great results.

After its release in 2009, AngularJS popularity has grown steadily and shows no sign of slowing down. But why is Angular becoming so popular and surpassing other frameworks? Here are a few samples of developers’ views after using the app.

Alex: “Though other frameworks such as backbone.js are no doubt simple and straightforward, the result is very simple codes. However, a framework such as Angular.js mix presentations with logic to deliver more than a user asks”.

Alchemication: “After completing 5 AngularJS apps, I must say I am very pleased. Everything appears to work the way I anticipated. Fans of jQuery like me will enjoy AngularJS more because of it has an inbuilt jQuery version.”

Steve: “For many years I have worked as an app developer, nothing delivers greater convenience and boosts performance because of rich features such as AngularJS.”

Pros of Angular apps

When AngularJS 4 was released in March 2017, it made JavaScript to be named the best programming language of the year. The regular Angular updates have particularly made developers, and users get a special attachment to their apps because of enhanced security and features. Here are additional pros of Angular apps.

  • Time-saving: Projects that previously used to take many months with other frameworks can now be completed faster with AngularJS. All that AngularJS framework requires is splitting the app into several MVC components. From there, the framework takes over because you do not require additional coding.
  • The app is easy to learn and get started: Getting up and running with AngularJS is perhaps the simplest thing a developer can imagine. Simply include some attributes into the HTML, and you can complete the first app in a couple of minutes.
  • Data Binding in AngularJS is very easy: Can you remember trying to create a text property on a model that requires binding to your app UI? It is very difficult with most frameworks. That stress has been eliminated in AngularJS. In fact, you can see the ultimate results as you type in the span.
  • A declarative expression of UI: Because a UI with AngularJS is fully structured, understanding and manipulating the components is very easy. Even though designers are not developers, they can also easily learn markups. This means that the declarative expression of the app User Interface will make more sense for the entire team.
  • Affordability: Because AngularJS is an open source framework, developers can come up with custom apps at lower costs.

The main features of AngularJS

The main reason that AngularJS has gained a lot of popularity is its unique features. The features make app development easy and result very intuitive. These features include;

  • Two-way data-binding: Data binding is one of the most notable AngularJS features. This feature helps save the developer from doing a lot of coding. In any app, 80% of the code base is dedicated to manipulating, traversing, and listening to DOM. However, data-binding in AngularJS helps to reduce the work so that the developer can concentrate with the app.
  • Ready to use templates: The AngularJS is simply plain HTML. The browser parses these templates into the DOM and transforms it to AngularJS compiler. Then, the AngularJS Framework traverses the templates to get rendering instructions called directives. The ready to use templates make it easy even for people with little computing skills come-up with great apps.

Dependency injection: This is an essential feature in AngularJS that makes the developer able to ask for dependencies as opposed to making them on his own. Think of this feature as a way of saying I need X and not starting to make X.

  • Testing feature: The AngularJS developer team worked with special focus on testability in mind. This means that you can easily test AngularJS apps.

Why you should use AngularJS for your business

When Angular.JS was launched in 2009 by Google, many developers had gotten used to the jQuery. But jQuery was getting tired, and a new framework that could handle the emerging complexities was necessary. As a business, you can only be assured of faster progress, winning raving clients, and growing rapidly by applying AngularJS when building front-end app development. Here are more reasons why your business needs AngularJS.

  • It is backed by Google and a very large open community. When a framework is backed by a tech giant like Google, you can rest assured that every feature will be progressively improved for enhanced performance. You are also assured of regular updates and support from the large open community.
  • As a business, it is better to follow and use apps that are legally premised. Unlike some frameworks whose licenses are shrouded in mystery, AngularJS uses the MIT license which is very permissive for all developers and businesses.
  • As technology continues to advance, consumers equally want to be associated with sophisticated UX. AngularJS allow businesses to make sophisticated single-page apps for a great experience.


The fast evolving business environment demands that investors and managers take a proactive approach to meet the market demand. Because of their crucial role in linking your business, service, or product to the target market, front-end apps are the ultimate tools to help you win the target market and outdo the competitors. To come-up with top notch apps, you could contract an AngularJS development company or hire AngularJS developer. Picking the right AngularJS development services provider will help you to get customized apps and guarantee for faster business progress. With AngularJS, you can never go wrong.

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